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COSF News   (July 2011)                                    

Adopt-A-Trail volunteers were very active in June, filing a total of 17 work reports detailing 20.5 volunteer hours. A new trail was adopted in June that fills in an important gap in Wildwood Park. Jacob Ross has adopted the heavily used Lizard Rock Trail. The Mesa and west Canyon trails at either end of the Lizard Rock Trail had previously been adopted. Jacob's brother David adopted the Tarantula Hill Trail last year. Way to go Ross family!

Non-native plant control
Outings are currently being planned for cutting/removal of invasive, non-native plants in the Conejo Open Space. For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Burt Elliott at 805-338-7150.

Conejo Canyons Bridge update
THANK YOU! to all who have donated to the Conejo Open Space Foundation’s Conejo Canyons Bridge Fund. To date, contributions total $35,000! The bridge will provide trail-user access from Wildwood Park & Santa Rosa Road to the Western Plateau and the Conejo Canyons area. Our $35,000 gift will help fund the bridge project, and was accepted by the Thousand Oaks City Council at their June 28, 2011 meeting. The contract for installation of the bridge was awarded at the same meeting. Work on the supporting structures and bridge installation is expected to begin this summer. The estimated project duration is 60 days, barring any complications. Upon the bridge’s completion, work on the trail system can begin.

Generous donors and volunteers are playing a major role in the progress of this project during these times of restrictive budgets and public spending cutbacks. COSCA hopes to minimize Conejo Canyons trail construction expense by relying heavily upon volunteer labor. COSF continues accepting donations to help with trail construction costs, and for non-native plant control. To make a donation, please click here. To volunteer, please contact Julie Osborn at 805-492-6000 or volunteer@cosf.org.

COSF was recognized by the Thousand Oaks City Council at their July meeting for the $35,000 donation made toward the Conejo Canyons Trail Bridge project. Many open space supporters were in attendance for this special presentation.

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